About Me


My name is Robert Galuski, and I love words

Well, of course I do. This isn’t a site for mathematicians. It’s a site for words.

I graduated from Eastern Illinois University in 2014, with a bachelor’s degree in English. I also worked for and eventually ran, the student newspaper, The Daily Eastern News.

I was involved heavily in the editing of stories, and writing stories. I wrote on topics ranging from entertainment (theater, concerts, activities) to hard-hitting news pieces. I wrote about a budget crisis, enrollment issues, salary discrepancies, and city council legislation. I also wrote about crime, both in the university and in the outside community.

Pretty cool, huh?

After that, I worked for a local paper as a copy editor and page designer (Yes, I do have experience in design as well!). From there, I went and earned my master’s in English at Northeastern University.

During my time there, I served as a graduate assistant to a number of wonderful professors, helping develop courses and work on student papers. If writing is my number one passion, then teaching is a close second.

Throughout all of this, during the summers, I worked at a Boy Scout camp in central Wisconsin, shaping the lives of almost 2,000 youth every summer. From January of 2017 until the end of 2018 I served as one of the camp directors, helping manage a staff of 70, and developing and implementing innovative programs for every single youth that came to camp.

In my copious amounts of free time (*ahem* pause for laughter), I like to go camping and hiking, watch football and basketball and baseball (maybe go to a game or two), binge something on Netflix, or hang out with my almost-4-year-old puggle, Nellie.

But, really, enough about me! You can read more about me and my thoughts on my blog.

I want to hear about you! What are your needs, and how can I best serve you?

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